We are Vang™, an international interdisciplinary design, and architecture studio. Thanks to our extensive experience in architecture, and commercial interior design, our team brings forth a different perspective that helps us reach our main goal– to generate emotions.

Emotions which translate into amazement, enchantment, and other feelings that make our designs stand out, generate attraction, and become the key elements of choice. 

This goal is achieved with an interdisciplinary approach based on a unique, custom guide that truly reflects the needs of each project.

We believe that the concept is the core of each project — a comprehensive, functional, and especially, emotional vision.

In creating something unique, stunning, and inspirational that reflects and enhances the needs of each project.

We believe in teamwork as a philosophy, in innovation and a permanent search.

In listening, interacting, changing points of view, investigating, and nourishing ourselves from different places, and across many disciplines.

We believe in creating a synthetic language.

In a purity that combines the complexity of sophistication with the beauty of simplicity.

In sinuous curves that blend into straight lines.

In integrating materiality with nature.

We believe in our creative process. 

We believe in a friendly work environment combined with a serious commitment.

And we believe in affinity.

And above all things, we believe in design.

In design as a tangibilizer – a means to transform dreams into something tangible.

As an intention, a message. As a distinctive, and engaging element.

As a motivator, and as inspiration.

And as a preponderant factor of choice.

We believe in design as a creator of emotions.

Designing Emotions